Struggle vs Strength

I prefer to live in my strengths than struggle in my weaknesses…otherwise I am exhausted, irritable, and crunchy…not a pretty picture.

For example, taxes are not my forte so I hired an accountant. Business law, financial strategy, and talking to the IRS are his strengths, not mine…so why would I invest time and attention (and stress) learning about taxes?

Too often the “you can do anything you put your mind to” mantra pushes our strengths to the sidelines as the weaknesses play havoc on our field of dreams…proving we are “not enough” because IF we were enough…we wouldn’t be losing the game…we would be good at everything, right?


Struggle arises within our bodies, minds, and hearts when we align ourselves with our weaknesses. We begin to feel tension, illness, anger…we engage in circles of gossip, withhold, control…life becomes stressful, chaotic, and depressing…a downward spiral of seeking perfection over our weaknesses.

Start focusing on your strengths!

You have a unique gift.

Live in your strengths. Focus on your value. Be significant in your community.

Do you love to write? paint? cook? garden? Are you interested in politics? teaching? speaking? counseling? How do you spend your weekends? vacations? lunch hours?

Write a list of your strengths and weaknesses…ask a friend to add onto your strength list.¬†Create a strategy to develop your skills and give your weakness chores to someone who truly thrives in that field of expertise.

Now is the time to pursue your strengths and create a life of happiness, freedom, and abundance.

Be your strengths.


PS Shopping for yoga clothes makes me itchy, so my girlfriends invite me for wine and online shopping…I show up with my credit card…it’s heaven.





MK ParceStruggle vs Strength