Shed The Shame

Getting fit is overwhelming…I have no idea what to do next and feel like a fitness failure!

Honestly, I don’t have all the answers, but I can teach you how to be a critical thinker to achieve your goals in 5 simple steps.

SLEEP is number one.

When I interview clients, my first question concerns sleep patterns, bedroom design, and bedtime rituals…what time do you go to sleep? do you wake up during the night? what is the thermostat setting? do you use blackout curtains? do you watch TV, read emails, or play games on your iPhone prior to bedtime?

All these questions give insight to the status of brain function, restoration, and health. The brain has its own glymphatic system to “clean up waste” similar to the body’s lymphatic system, but the brain’s glymphatic system only works when you sleep…no quality sleep, no quality human…skip sleep and risk irreparable damage to the brain.

You may think you can live on 5-6 hours a sleep, but you may be cultivating the perfect storm for premature aging and brain disease.

Hydration is number two.

Drink water. Drink water. Drink water. Not tea, coffee, lemonade, sports drinks, or other combinations…drink pure, clean, fresh water! Hydration is essential for peak physical performance, beautiful skin tone, weight loss, organ health and restful sleep. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water to see incredible results…I promise…you will glow!

Alkalinity is number three.

Choosing to eat alkaline foods is not a fad, but a necessity to maintain optimal pH balance, decrease inflammation of the gut and promote healing. Constant stress, poor sleep, lack of exercise, and processed foods create the prime environment for disease.  Alkaline products such as SevenPoint2 can kick-start your alkaline lifestyle as you discover how to reduce acidity and gain energy.

Mindset is number four.

Meditate. Make vision boards. Write positive notes. Listen to inspiring music. Spend time with friends. Sit outside. Breathe. Laugh. Play. Journal. Nourish your mind. The subconscious mind controls as much as 95% of behavior! Flex your mind muscles and train your brain to use your skillpower smarts versus willpower wants!

Exercise is number five.

Yes, I put exercise as the very last step because if you aren’t getting adequate sleep or water, you are eating processed foods and thinking you are a loser…10, 20, 30 or even 60 minutes of exercise will feel like a burden and waste of time.

Be realistic. Start your habit by creating a manageable plan. Try going to bed 10 minutes earlier, drink one more glass of water a day, add more veggies to your lunch plate, drive with inspirational music or books on tape, and just move your body. Keep it simple…be creative…raise your oxytocin happy hormone levels…and you will begin to shed the shame…and shine.

I believe in you…



MK ParceShed The Shame