Seeing Joy

Today I needed this tattoo as a reminder to see JOY in my life.

The past couple of years have been filled with broken relationships, betrayals, financial stress, uncertainty, and loss…moments of staring at emails, tears streaming down my face, thinking “how sad their life must be to bully another woman”…and then I would walk outside and stare into the night sky and see JOY in the heavens.

See the joy.

Each of us carry a story of pain and struggle…and each of us carry a story of joy and happiness…no need to find joy…it’s surrounding you…open your eyes softly…you have a strong heart…beautiful soul.

See the joy.

Feel your heartbeat…the rise and fall of breath…be in present moment…listen.

See the joy.

Support your mind and body with thoughts of joy, gratitude, and faith. Grab a piece of paper or your phone…begin to write, type, and speak your joy-filled life…live in the richness of your joy to cast a shadow over the pain and struggle.

See the joy.

Remember, when you live life outside your comfort zone…you will experience pain and struggle…and incredible JOY…but you must learn to see the joy…truly¬†see the joy.

Today, see the joy.










MK ParceSeeing Joy