I was thinking…

What is the best diet to lose weight?

-Mary Kay Parce

I suppose I could list all the diets on the market today, but there are too many to discuss…and frankly, not vital to the well-being of humans.

We all understand the diet concept of carbohydrates, protein, and fats…but do we understand the powerful diet of love and happiness?

How often have you gone on a 10-day vacation…eaten forbidden foods…consumed alcohol…avoided exercise…laughed…read mystery novels…and lost weight?

How is that possible?!?

The diet of love and happiness strikes again!

Perhaps the 80% diet + 20% exercise = 100% weight loss should be replaced with 80% happiness + 20% diet = 100% weight loss…stop stressing about being enough, on the perfect diet and exercise program, or comparing yourself to other humans.

Life is too precious to be filled with the heaviness of worry, doubt, and fear…be like the song and let it go!

MK ParceI was thinking…