I was thinking…

Pushing the limits of what’s possible…are you ready?

-Mary Kay Parce

As I prepare for another day of training clients…I wonder…do I push too much? not enough? do I ask permission? what is happening today? how do I judge abilities?

There are days when I want a basket of mindset tags for clients to wear…labels of sleepy, fragile, wired, strong, drained, focused…be nice to me…don’t talk to me…push me hard…it’s complicated! And, then I would know exactly what to say to each client…my control-perfection-trainer gene would be oh, so happy!

But, life is constant motion and not every day is going to behave perfectly as planned…but you are perfect in the imperfections of life…leave your comparison card in the car…walk through the doors and simply be your best, do your best, and have your best training day!

MK ParceI was thinking…