I was thinking…

Life changes when we change our thoughts.

-Mary Kay Parce

Keep your vision before you everyday…teach your subconscious to see forward…to seek the right people to support you and your vision…to be mindful of your words…to speak your vision into fruition.

Create vision boards, cards, journals, or books of your goals and dreams…images to inspire emotional connections and desired feelings…a daily, visual meditation for your mind’s eye.

Ask yourself “how” vs “why”…the mind has to search for new information to answer your how questions…the brain stores the answers and responds quickly to the why questions.

For example, when you ask yourself “Why can’t I lose weight?”, your computer pulls up the file labeled Weight Loss and sternly replies…because you don’t like diets, because you eat sugar, because you stay up late, etc BUT if you ask “How can I lose weight?”, suggestions are offered…walk every morning, drink more water, eat veggies, etc

Change your thoughts…change your life.

MK ParceI was thinking…