I Love Dark Chocolate

Yes, feed me dark chocolate.

Did you know that dark chocolate tops the brain food list?

The flavonoids in dark chocolate boost blood flow to the brain to improve memory, problem-solving, and focus…exactly what I need when I sit down to pay bills, write blogs, or return emails.

The best part of dark chocolate is magnesium to help reduce stress and relax. I love making a chocolate shake before bedtime with a bit of coconut oil, Dagoba cacao powder, and my favorite plant-based protein (whey makes my belly bloat so I love this alkaline protein powder).

Studies show that dark chocolate also reduces cravings for sweet, salty, and fatty foods…now that’s helpful if you are trying to shed a few extra snacking pounds off your waistline!

Did you know that dark chocolate acts as a prebiotic to support good intestinal bacteria for a healthy gut? So many bonus points for enjoying a rich, dark chocolate square every day.

But remember, if you are watching sugar intake…choose the darkest chocolate…70% cacao or higher…best antioxidant, too!

All this talk of dark chocolate is making me hungry for my bedtime snack…

I’m off to enjoy my dark chocolate!






MK ParceI Love Dark Chocolate