Belly Fat Stress

I am so frustrated with my muffin top! I eat healthy, exercise every day, drink water…but nothing is changing!

How often do you mutter these words as you desperately hunt for an outfit other than yoga pants?

Trust me, I have had this very conversation with my body over the years. I think it’s why I rebel so much around the marketing of the fitness industry filled with selfies, trainer comparisons, push ‘n puke workouts, weight-loss challenges, calorie counting, measuring food, body shaming…the list is endless.

And, here’s is my solution.


I know you think I’m crazy, but keep reading.

Stress is kicking your body into survival mode.

The primal brain begins to send signals to the nervous system for support.

Unfortunately, Team Hormone decides to design a personal flotation device to keep you from drowning in the 24/7 lifestyle…and poof! the muffin top is born.

Now add extra cardio, diet restrictions, swimsuit madness, and poof! the muffin top grows.

The definition of insanity is repeating the same behaviors and expecting a different outcome.

 –Albert Einstein

Stop the insanity.

In less than 1 minute, you can be on your way to saying bye-bye muffin top, hello happiness!

  • Drink one more glass of water today because water is essential to improve brain function, increase metabolism, support weight loss, and clarify skin tone.
  • Inhale 5 counts…exhale 5 counts…repeat 5 times…breathing reduces stress, elevates energy, and enhances focus.
  • Stand with feet apart and hands on hips…yes, the Wonder Woman Stance is said to raise testosterone levels up to 20 %…feel strong, confident, and vibrant.
  • Go to bed 10 minutes earlier to add sleep time for the brain’s lymphatic system to clean up stress signals.
Today I thrive.








MK ParceBelly Fat Stress