Begin Again

Faith is the muscle you use when you decide to blast outside of your comfort zone and transform your life into something that’s practically unrecognizable to you in your present reality.

–Jen Sincero, You Are A Badass

When I read this passage, I knew I had to write again… to flex my faith muscle or be a slave to sheer panic and fear of being seen again… not everyone is going to love what I write or believe in my words… and for the first time in many years… that’s okay.

Life offers thousands of situations to transform, elevate, and ignite our soul passion… to literally open our eyes to relationships…to bring us to present reality…to choose faith or fear.

Today, I choose faith.

I’m sure life will toss me annoying situations… computer glitches, comment trolls, writer’s block, website errors… easy stuff my warrior-self loves to battle.

No, it’s the heart-opening-gratitude-offering-vulnerable situations that are freaking my cave-dwelling-introvert-human into spasms.

Deep exhale.


Begin again.


MK ParceBegin Again