A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.

― Seth Godin

Meet MaryKay

I love my work at TRYBE.  For years I have studied biomechanics, anatomy, and exercise science… attended certifications and workshops for Pilates, Yoga, TRX, and Barre… plus, my passion for understanding the inner-workings of meditation, writing, and breath work also influences my training method. I often laugh when I hear clients describe me as a body whisperer or the “I-don’t-know-how-she-knows-it” personal trainer.
But honestly, I simply listen.

Over the past 35 years, I have personally trained thousands of women and men seeking harmony in their life. At first I hear “tell me what-to-eat or how-many-days-do-I-have-to-workout, but as we talk, I guide the conversation to hear your desire to be confident and live a vibrant life. I believe the equation… the magic… the secret to living a vibrant life is to feel joy in your heart, to express yourself creatively, to respect and honor who you are today, and to surround yourself with a community of like-minded people.

To all the incredibly fit, confident, family-first guys… thank you for being the anchors in TRYBE… for being strong, dynamic leaders in our community… for showing up to the early morning workouts… and always pushing towards your personal best!

MaryKay Parce is the President and Founder of TRYBE. Her extensive experience in the fitness industry as a successful business owner, cutting-edge personal trainer, and intuitive life coach allows her clients the opportunity to change their habits and regain a healthier, happier lifestyle. MaryKay creates simple fitness systems based upon the core fundamentals of Pilates, Yoga, and TRX plus teaches the importance of leading an alkaline nutrition based lifestyle.

Meet Our Leaders

“Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand.”

–Emily Kimbrough


Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy is a way to connect, align, restore, and experience the improvement of joint mobility, muscular flexibility, and fascia healing. Jean Schilling, Licensed Massage Therapist, teaches the principals and practice of therapeutic massage to relieve pain, restore alignment, and create a healthier, stronger body… props of golf balls, LAX balls, weighted balls, and straps provided by TRYBE studio… please bring a foam roller to class. October 2015 Workshop


Barre2Barre is the perfect combination of upper body, central core, and barre-booty shaping moves…now add great music and plenty of repetitions to give you the A+ workout you are craving! You will love the way your body feels and looks in just a few sessions of our unique Barre2Barre program..from an Attitude Pulse to a Tricep Dip to a Single Bent Leg Kick…Barre2Barre keeps the exercises easy to follow at your personal pace…so grab your girl-friends…join Barre2Barre…laugh, sweat, and have a blast today because it’s definitely “all about the bass!”… and a few shakes, too!

TRX Core Power

TRX Core Power is a key “must-have” addition to your current fitness program. Increase strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance with TRX, SteelBells, BOSU, and mini-stability ball equipment. TRYBE leaders may add High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Tabata, or 20-minute Metabolic Training sessions. Get ready to sweat, laugh, cry, and be amazed by the power of TRX!

Winter Restorative Yoga

A practice of surrender to heal the body, balance the nervous system, and optimize energy to the organs. Restorative yoga improves the immune system… supports deep sleep… allows time to relax mind chatter… unwind from daily tension… and experience gratitude. Dress comfortable and warmly as you rest in supportive yoga poses in this beautiful, quiet, candlelit class.

Dynamic Yoga Stretch

There are pros and cons to stretching techniques, but I created Dynamic Yoga Stretch to teach the physical and mental body how to relax, renew, and rejuvenate via conscious breathing, trigger point therapy, and yoga stretches. You will learn how to improve joint range of motion, relieve tension in deep muscles of lower back, hamstrings, shoulders, plus learn basic yoga poses to reduce stress, injuries, and fatigue. Dynamic Yoga Stretch compliments all training programs of mobility, flexibility, and strength… a quiet class to destress the mind and body.

Pilates Allegro Reformer

Now is the time to transform your body, strengthen your core, and rejuvenate your posture using Balanced Body Pilates Allegro Reformer Tower combination equipment. Pilates Allegro Reformer classes are semi-private (4 students) to provide personalized attention to enhance skills and training techniques. A private consultation is required prior to attending a Pilates Allegro Reformer semi-private class to review core awareness, personal goals, and determine class availability. Spring 2016 offers additional small group (8 students) Pilates Tower training sessions.

Warrior Yoga | Vinyasa

You are a warrior…everyday you do hard things… mind races against time… body feels tension… perfection becomes procrastination… and days blur together in the promise of beginning a yoga practice…today is the day to begin Warrior Yoga. A practice of diversity in movement…to reveal strength and flexibility…regain focus and balance…receive clarity and commitment. Warrior Yoga is a vinyasa… find your rhythm, breath, and ability through a creative, dynamic yoga flow…an awareness of how we each move differently, yet together as a community… Warrior Yoga is life in motion… a place to fall, rise, and begin again.


Soul Tap is tribal. SoulTap is contemporary. SoulTap is  soul-filled. SoulTap is an innovative movement class created to re-awaken the passion, joy, and wisdom within you… to reclaim strength, courage, and freedom… to release tension… to discover and celebrate you! SoulTap combines basic Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping, meditation, writing, and movement into an hour of barefoot, heart-pounding, sweat! Gather your friends… bring a journal… water bottle… be a part of the SoulTap revolution… a place to be wild and free!

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Remember, excuses are simply reasons with a secret. I am here to listen to your reason… to unfold the secret… to support your transformation of body and mind… to live the life you desire. Today is the day to begin living your potential as a healthy, vibrant, strong woman!